MBA's approach is based on our philosophy:


  1. Law of reciprocity works
  2. Don't ignore or forget the client
  3. The client has choices where they spend their money
  4. Thank the client at every opportunity
  5. Keep reminding the client or prospect that you appreciate them
  6. Do the best you can, always look to improve, and don't be shy about asking for business

Just because they bought from you does not make you entitled to anything else; you have to earn it. Sending an email or just a card and asking for information will get you 2 groups: MAD and glad.

At MBA we believe in going out of our way to thank the client so we can earn their trust and see their perception, which becomes your reality. We also believe that a set program is more manageable and measureable than "doing something unique" for each client. Every client deserves to be appreciated and communicated with the same manner and with the same timing. Only then can you measure the success or failure of the approach and make the proper changes to gain the most results.

By using a standardized and scientific approach, with a personal touch, MBA is able to accurately gain the most crucial information for your success.

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