1. Why should I outsource my customer follow-up?
Outsourcing your customer follow-up program has many benefits. First, it’s extremely cost effective. When you figure in all the costs involved to provide follow-up internally, it makes sense to have a professional follow-up company do it for you. You won’t have to worry about sick days, vacations or other job duties taking priority. Second, you can rest assured that each customer will be followed up with in a consistent manner. Inconsistency makes measuring results and effecting change very difficult. Finally, you know the follow-up will get done every time. Every business has good intentions, but we can turn those good intentions into reality by making sure every one of your customers gets the survey, call, gift and treatment they deserve. This translates into happy, profitable customers!

2. How can follow-up with existing customers help our bottom line?
Recent statistics have shown that businesses average $500 to $1,000 spent to acquire one new customer. In those same industries, retaining those customers could be achieved at one-tenth the cost. Imagine how much money you would spend filling your gas tank if it had hole in it. Now, relate this to your customer base. Plug the hole and you will see tremendous results to your bottom line.

3. Which customers should I follow up with?
Your first thought is to pick and choose the customers who you follow up with…right? By doing this, you feel you could save a few bucks by only appreciating those who really deserve it. Consider this process as the way to convert ALL your customers to being those who really deserve it. You’d be surprised how shocked the smaller customers are to know you appreciate them. You will be shocked to see the return on your investment when you extend your thanks to all of them. Besides…how many favorable responses from your customers will it take for this program to pay for itself?

4. How quickly should I follow up with my customers?
Your customers are the most excited about their purchase or their experience directly after it. If the experience went as you and they planned, they are on a “high” that will diminish over time…when their product gets dirty for the first time…when the bill comes…when everybody they could show it off to has already seen it. The faster you follow up with them, the higher the return. If they’re still showing all their friends you get the free advertising, and if they are still on that high, you can capitalize on your initial investment by recommending more opportunities!

5. Can you help me with a low cost and high ROI prospecting tool?
The internet, when used properly, is more powerful than you would imagine. The term www does not have to stand for World Wide Wallet. We use various searching methods to bring you highly motivated prospects for a cost of less than $500 per month and that is guaranteed with no cost for the first three months!

6. How do you get our customer names?
This method is non-intrusive, fast and painless. Our website also has a secure data center where you can enter your customer information and manage your data on-line. We also accept your customer information through email and fax. Our goal is to receive your information in the way that makes the most sense for you.

7. How much does it cost?
Our prices typically range between $5.95 and $29.95 plus shipping and handling per unit, with a small set up investment. However, we have many different services and too many products and variations within those services to list. You probably hear this often, but it’s much better for you if we can discuss your needs first. Upon understanding your needs we can provide information on the exact program to achieve your goal, as well as the pricing attached to this.

8. Why should I become an MBA client?
MBA has been in business helping other business “turn good intentions into reality” since 1986. We are family-owned and have a strong set of core values and operating principles that will bring you the greatest return on your investment with each and every customer and prospect.

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