Knowing your clients is golden. MBA's unique approach allows you to get feedback from your clients regarding:

  • Service and/or sales experience
  • Marketing asset allocation questions for your business to be more efficient
  • Future sales information
  • Cross sales questions for market analysis, sales management, and inventory management
  • Referral generation

All surveys are not created equal. MBA's clients enjoy a far higher than average response rate with crucial information for internal controls, efficiency, sales management, inventory management, cross selling, and online promotion. Information is the key to success and MBA will help you gather the data for you to:

  • Measure
  • Improve
  • Share
  • Grow

The ROI is based on your willingness to measure and improve. MBA will provide you the data, however, you will need to act on that data to increase the ROI. One happy customer can be very profitable, and the opposite holds true to even greater extent. Knowing your client's perception is key to making them happy as well as measuring the performance of your business. A professional athlete is judged by the statistics they produce; your business is no different.


MBA's surveys are built to help you. As the third party, MBA's results are credible and can be effectively shared internally and with all constituents.


Market Asset
Cross Sales
Referral Request
Email Request/Log-in
  • Upwards of 67% Response Rate
  • Phone and Online Surveys Available
  • Create Cross Sales
  • Generate Referrals
  • Create Strong Database
  • Gather Comments to Post Online

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