Once information is gathered and measured, reports need to be generated. MBA's reports are very easy to read and understand. The Insight Track reports are available online with the following features:

  • Header with MBA as the author (not an internal report which is invalid for marketing)
  • Your Comany Name
  • Date range of report
  • Number of surveys sent, received, and response rate
  • All questions asked with answers in pie chart and percentages
  • Comments provided by clients
  • Referrals and cross sales provided
  • Segregated by sales rep
  • Non respondents
  • Excel spreadsheets available for database marketing
  • Link to the CSI portion of the survey for marketing (priceless)

MBA tabulates all surveys as they are received. The reports are updated the day after the information is tabulated. You will get an email alert for:

  • Information Requests
  • Cross Sales and Referrals
  • Negative Comments

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