Now that you have Appreciated, Gathered, Measured, Generated, and Shared, it is time to Market and make money.


You have created an extremely powerful database of your clients. You still need to stay in touch with your clients; out of sight out of mind. MBA can provide a timed and sequenced mailing of multiple:

Multiple communications with clients recognizing them as a valuable part of your business will create the loyalty necessary allowing you to more easily approach them in the future. You earn their trust, so use it wisely.

The survey responses have also provided priceless information. They will tell you about immediate cross sales, but importantly, future cross sales. You will be able to know who, when and how to market each individual for the most optimum results. This will greatly reduce your marketing cost as well as impress your client; you will "predict" their need.

One car buyer can be worth at least $1,500,000 to you over the lifetime in the number of cars purchased and serviced. Keeping the client happy is of the utmost importance to building your business. Otherwise, you always need to be hard selling and that is not fun. Staying in touch with them, impressing them, and knowing when to approach them the best way is what will set you apart.


Prospects, especially those online and in social media, want to find you first. Then they want a reason to do business with you. Once they have ten potential sellers (you're one of them) they want to find a reason not to do business with you. As a result, they look for comments made about you without any regard to the accuracy of those comments. Now you have issues!!

Either you have to go and find a prospect (hunters) or you have to make yourself found to those looking (fisherman). MBA can help with both. Neighbor Reach, our direct mail program, allows you to send smaller number of cards (down to 200) to a very targeted geographic area with highly personalized cards allowing you to hit very similar demographics with your message. Direct mail can be expensive, however, the alternatives make no impact or are much too expensive. Emails get deleted before being look at, but a postcard gets at least a 2 to 3 second look. If they are in the market or interested, you will get very profitable business. Sending a card once does not have as much of an impact as multiple mailings to the same household.

Online marketing is the reverse where the goal is to be found by those "looking" for your service. To be found, MBA has devised highly effective low cost web based advertising allowing you to dominate narrow searches at 10% of the cost of a traditional SEO company. We call it, i-Billboard. The Billboard seeks to always be in the first few pages of the search engine's results and incorporates the CSI portion of your survey results. You will be found, you will be considered, and you will give a reason to be the one.

All of this hinged on one feature that MBA offers: the link to your CSI. MBA offers a link that can be placed on your web site, the closing of your emails, and used as a defensive tool in social media. Once clicked on, the link will allow anyone to see the CSI report with:

Businesses are generally afraid of disclosure and transparency. If you are performing well, sharing your CSI scores will set you apart. Sharing your CSI socres will get you the "contract" or the deal.

Social media is a huge risk to business since nothing is verified and businesses are constantly slandered. All it takes to ruin your reputationis a sleazy competitor with a few friends or family members writing disparaging comments about you, or a disgruntled employee doing the same. The worst is when the family member of a client does not like your product/service and decides to share his or her sentiments. MBA has the solution and it involves the icon to the CSI portion of Insight Track. It's very easy to prove them wrong with facts; oh those pesky facts.